Emissions Impact

For the last 100 years, non-corded garden tools have used petrol as their fuel of choice. Not because it’s the right choice, but because it’s been the only choice.

Over the last 40 years, the automotive industry has been constantly taking steps to make engines more efficient and with fewer emissions. Over the same period, the engines used in outdoor power equipment have not kept up with this pace of change. The result is that many small petrol engines running
today use desperately outdated design and have significantly less emission control technology.

The garden tools sector has lagged behind the automotive industry, where innovation is central to survival and success.

In 2011, a test between a Ford v8 pickup truck and a standard 4 stroke leaf blower found that the leaf blower’s tiny engine produced 6.8 times more nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide than the v8 truck’s engine, and 13.5 times more carbon dioxide.

It’s figures like this that have driven EGO’s mission to right this wrong and create a better environment for all.

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