Call for change

We want you to get behind Challenge 2025 by demanding better.

Demand better from the tools you use in your garden at home.

Demand better from the groundskeeping teams that maintain the areas near your offices, schools, universities and leisure activities.

Demand better from your local council and the tools they give their workers to manage your local green areas, parks and playgrounds.

Why should you, your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers and those in your community needlessly breathe in emissions, or guard their ears from petrol-powered outdoor power equipment when there are battery powered alternatives?

Our Challenge 2025 vision is that within five years, battery technology becomes the principal power source for outdoor equipment, leading to significant reductions in emissions and noise, while increasing safety and user comfort.

We’ll achieve this by empowering outdoor equipment users to move away from petrol solutions to more sustainable alternatives like those manufactured by EGO.

There’s a baffling irony in the fact that the majority of the tools created to beautify our gardens are actually contributing to the destruction of our environment. Air pollution, noise pollution and sustainability are all clearly huge issues in today’s society.

People are waking up to the dangers posed by petrol-guzzling vehicles. Yet, when it comes to gardening and landscaping equipment, the momentum for change simply doesn’t seem to be gathering pace in the same way. We want to heighten users’ awareness of these issues and dangers.

By supporting Challenge 2025 you’ll not only try and make these changes in your own garden by swapping your lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and line trimmers, but also by advocating for these changes in your local community.

Lend us your voice by tweeting, sharing, posting, and using the hashtags #challenge2025 and #smogoff