Making the switch

We believe that the overwhelming priority is to campaign for legislation to help make battery-powered equipment the preferred choice. And ultimately to make it the only choice.

As our cause gathers momentum, we will work closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other committed partners to petition for EU parliamentary debate. To us, the case for switching from petrol to battery power is glaringly obvious. It would be an easy win for any government to back this cause.

We will make our economic, environmental and health and safety case directly to public authorities. As one, then another takes action, it will be impossible for others to ignore the movement.

It’s a revolution. But it’s a clean, quiet, safe revolution where everyone wins.

How you can help

Making the switch to battery-power has never been easier. The technology is already here to enable a smarter way to power through gardening and landscaping tasks, and we plan to continue investing in ways we can improve it.

Traditional petrol-powered garden tools have enjoyed popularity because their performance and running costs have been favourable. In only a few years, however, EGO has proved that battery-powered garden tools are a better choice for the environment than those powered by fossil fuels.

As European and national governments force organisations to reconsider their environmental policies, the eventual elimination of petrol powered landscaping equipment is inevitable.

Toxic emissions are not the only environmental concern – noise pollution impacts upon human and animal health too. During tests, most of our garden tools have been shown to register fewer decibels than regulations demand.

If each of us made the small change to battery-powered outdoor tools, it would have a huge positive impact on our environment. Challenge 2025 is our commitment to changing the future of gardening for the better.

Ego battery being inserted into a lawn mower

EGO is committed to driving innovation which continues to minimise the impact of cordless outdoor power tools on the environment