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EGO and Challenge 2025 have produced an Education Pack, linked to the Key Stage 2 national curriculum, for use in classrooms to help pupils engage with the hidden dangers of petrol-powered tools. We have created the lessons to support lessons already planned to discuss air and noise pollution.


The Education Pack

Our climate change Education Pack includes lesson ideas and resources for Key Stage 2 pupils to help understand air pollution, its dangers and its causes. The lesson plans, interactive slides and activity sheets help your pupils learn more about emissions while using creative thinking and problem solving to eliminate the fictional villain, Smoggy!

The Education Pack includes climate change activities for primary school which have been mapped against the KS2 Art, Science and English curriculums, allowing pupils to learn about air pollution while contributing to their wider development.

Not only will the lessons on climate change for KS2 get children thinking about emissions, but they will also have the opportunity to design their own “clean air superhero” with the opportunity to win £2,500 worth of EGO Power Tools for their school! The winning design will also become a part of future educational resources!

Every half term a finalist from the Hero design entries will be chosen and the school will be sent £25 in National Book tokens for the student, and an overall winner will be selected on World Environment Day (5th June 2023) to have their Hero turned into a comic book character by an illustrator.

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The Importance of Teaching About Climate Change in Schools

With rising carbon emissions and increased air and noise pollution, especially in our cities, children are the most vulnerable to poor air and noise quality. By teaching children vital lessons from a young age, you can equip them with the knowledge required to have a positive impact on the environment in the future.

Despite schools introducing green measures on their premises, many grounds are still maintained by high-emission petrol tools including lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. Research published in The Report found that the UK’s most popular leaf blower produces more harmful emissions than the average car, posing a danger to people’s health on school sites and beyond.

Education Pack Preview


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