Cleaner, quieter, safer.

At EGO, we have seen the future.

At EGO, we have seen the future.

Challenge 2025 is our call to arms to educate and empower change in both domestic and professional outdoor power equipment users to make battery the principal power source and leave petrol where it belongs, in the past.

We believe that it makes no sense for tools that are designed to improve our environment to be at the same time producing noxious emissions and noise pollution that damage the very environment they are trying to enhance.

The time has come to take up the challenge and insist on change.

The good news is the battery technology to match the power of petrol already exists today!

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Tired of deafening roars and uncomfortable vibrations? Switch to battery power.

Not only are these tools much better for the environment, but they are much healthier for you.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can not only contribute to physical ailments such as tinnitus and hearing loss but can also contribute to mental health issues like depression.

Make the switch today via the #linkinbio.

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Today is International C02 Reduction Day.

If you're looking to reduce your C02, you can do this by switching to battery power.

Petrol-powered gardening tools are unregulated, meaning the emissions aren't tested. 

To learn more about these emissions, we took them to Millbrook Testing Centre to test them for ourselves, and the results are appalling. One example showed that a petrol-powered leaf blower produces 11x more emissions than a Ford Fiesta. Yes, you read that correctly, ELEVEN times more.

See what else we found via the #linkinbio.

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To celebrate International Education Day, we're sharing our Education Pack.

Designed in line with the Key Stage 2 curriculum, the pack has been designed to help pupils engage with the hidden dangers of petrol-powered tools.

It includes lesson plans, interactive slides and activity sheets to help pupils learn more about air pollution, its dangers and its causes.

Download your free pack via the #linkinbio.

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It's never been easier to make the switch to battery power.

The technology is here to enable a smarter way to power through gardening tasks, as well as being better for the environment than those powered by fossil fuels.

As well as the environmental benefits, it's also much healthier for you, protecting your ears from the noise pollution and wrists from the vibrations.

Take a listen to hear what @LawnCareDaddy thinks to battery-power.

#NewYearNewMe #Gardening #GardeningTools #Landscaping #FossilFuels
Sceptical about making the switch to battery power? @MikeDayGM was too, until he started using them.

In the video, Mike lists a number of benefits including:

✅ Reduced muscle fatigue
✅ Long run times
✅ Plenty of power

Watch the video to learn more.

#Challenge2025 #BatteryPower #GardeningTools #Gardening #NoisyNeighbours
Forget Blue Monday, it's time to go green.

By making the switch to battery-power, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, without having to settle on performance.

Use our simple Emissions Calculator to understand the emissions that your petrol-powered tools produce. Simply enter the tools and frequency, and we'll do the rest before offering suggestions on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Start your journey by clicking the link in the bio.

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Battery-power has drastically evolved over the years.

Forget the days of low power and low performance, battery-powered gardening tools now compete with their battery-powered equivalents, without offsetting ridiculous amounts of emissions.

Visit the link in the bio to read more about the evolution of battery power.

#BatteryPower #Evolution #Emissions #GreenEnergy #Challenge2025
Are you joining in on National Energy Costs Reduction day?

If so, you should switch to battery power.

As well as being detrimental to the environment, the cost of petrol is on the rise, whilst battery-power provides a cheaper more sustainable solution.

Take a look at the other benefits of battery-power on our website.

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Have you ever had your day ruined by noisy tools?

You're not alone and as this lady says "you can't do anything about it".

Be considerate and switch to battery power which will help reduce noise pollution, as well as being healthier for you and better for the environment.

Make the switch today.

#NoisyNeighbours #NoisePollution #AirPollution #Safety #Challenge2025
Sceptical about making the switch to battery power? @MikeDayGM was too, until he started using them.

In the video, Mike lists a number of benefits including:

✅ Reduced muscle fatigue
✅ Long run times
✅ Plenty of power

Watch the video to learn more.

#Challenge2025 #BatteryPower #GardeningTools #Gardening #NoisyNeighbours
Battery-powered gardening tools: a cleaner, quieter, and safer, start to 2024.

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Does anyone else agree that Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day?

To celebrate, we're resharing this wonderful Christmas tree from @Breevesgardening.

What's the most festive thing you've done this year? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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4x more NOx is emitted by a petrol brush cutter than a Ford Fiesta.

Despite this, petrol-powered gardening tools are not regulated and are able to produce hideous amounts of air pollution. Not only do petrol-powered tools produce large amounts of air pollution, but they also produce lots of noise pollution, having a huge impact on the hearing of users.

By switching to battery-power, you could make a huge positive impact for yourself and people across the globe.

Make the switch today!

#AirPollution #NoisePollution #HearingProtection #Hearing #Challenge2025
Looking for that final reason to make the switch to battery power? 

You're in luck, here's @lawn_care_daddy answering a few questions about battery-powered gardening tools.

Covering how it has changed his processes, his opinion on petrol-powered tools and his thoughts on the fact that 1/5 of users suffer from hearing problems, he answers all.

Spoiler, he recommends battery-powered gardening tools 100 million gazillion percent 👀

Learn more via our website.

#BatteryPower #Gardening #GardeningTools #LawnMower #Challenge2025
Whether it's a games console for your child, a necklace for your wife or a bottle of perfume for your sister, gifts are an important Christmas tradition.

But why don't you make a change, and give one of the most important gifts - clean air.

By switching to battery-powered tools, you can reduce the levels of air pollution which would help stop climate change, reduce the number of pollution-related illnesses and help support our wildlife.

Make a real difference this Christmas 🤶

#AirPollution #BatteryPower #Pollution #ClimateChange #CleanAir
Noise pollution is often underestimated and its impact is not fully understood by many people.

In fact, it can have a significant impact on people's mental health, as one lady we interviewed pointed out. This is especially true in summer when noise can be very isolating. Therefore, we believe that people need to be more mindful and considerate by switching to battery-powered gardening tools.

As well as protecting the hearing of the user, it makes for a much more pleasant experience for everyone in the vicinity, whilst not having to settle for less power or performance from your tool.

Learn more about the campaign via the link in the bio.

#NoisyNeighbours #NoiseExposure #Isolating #Gardening #Challenge2025
With Christmas being a fortnight away, Christmas trees have been put up all across the globe to mark the celebration.

Thanks to our partnership with @EdenReforest, we're planting trees all year long, helping combat climate change.

However, this isn't something we're doing alone, and are supported by @EgoPowerPlusEU who pledge to plant a tree for every EGO tool sold in Europe and in addition, each tool that is registered for extended warranty.

Learn more via the link in the bio.

#ChristmasTree #PlantATree #ClimateChange #BatteryPower #EdenReforestation
It's International Volunteer Day, a day to celebrate those who volunteer!

We're celebrating by having a throwback to our support of @Machinery_Nation's EGO SOS. 

In the video, we supported two lovely families to get back on top of their overgrown gardens with the use of our battery-powered gardening tools, proving that you can help people and support the environment at the same time.

Watch the video 👆

#InternationalVolunteerday #MachineryNation #Volunteer #Volunteering
Today is Santa's List Day, which celebrates the day that he puts together his list of naughty and nice children.

Presuming that you have been good this year, we have an important question. Which battery-powered tool would you love to see under the tree this Christmas?

Let us know in the comments below 👇

#SantasListDay #ChristmasList #Gardening #GardeningTools #BatteryPoweredTools
Make a positive impact today for World Pollution Prevention Day.

One step you can take to help is to switch from petrol-powered to battery-powered gardening tools.

Not only are battery-powered tools 3x quieter, but they use produce significantly less air pollution, preventing two forms of pollution at once.

Learn more via the #linkinbio.

#Prevention #WorldPollutionPreventionDay #BatteryPower #Gardening #GardeningTools