What is Challenge 2025?

At EGO, we have seen the future, and it is cleaner, quieter, and safer.

We believe that it makes no sense for tools and equipment that are designed to improve our environment to be at the same time producing noxious emissions and noise pollution that damage the very environment they are trying to enhance.

The time has come to take up the challenge and insist on change.

Battery-powered tools are the only responsible choice.

EGO was founded with the simple vision of using advanced technology to develop an innovative battery tool system. Eliminating the harmful emissions, noise pollution and health issues associated with petrol powered equipment whilst maintaining the performance users expect and need.

Challenge 2025 is our call to arms to educate and empower both domestic and professional outdoor power equipment users to see the only logical choice when purchasing new gardening equipment, and that is battery power – leaving petrol, where it belongs, in the past.

The battery technology already exists today, so there is no excuse.

The future is battery-powered. And it’s going to be a much, much better place to live.

Our Challenge 2025 vision is that within five years, by empowering outdoor power equipment users to move away from petrol, battery power becomes the principal power source for outdoor power equipment, leading to significant reductions in emissions and noise, whilst increasing safety and user comfort.