The new order

EGO has been committed to battery power from the start.

It might have been easier for us to have built a business on tried and tested petrol-powered tools. But we didn’t set out to do the easy thing. We set out to do the right thing.

We are EGO, part of one of the world’s biggest tool manufacturers producing over 10 million units a year and selling in 65 countries. We are proud to have been single-minded in our pursuit of battery power and to have developed state-of-the-art products that surpass the performance their outdated petrol counterparts.

We are market leaders in terms of product design and performance, and for battery life and recharging times. In fact, the EGO arc lithium-ion battery has set new standards for charge times and power output. It’s more than a match for petrol-powered equipment.

For users, electric tools are quieter and produce less vibration, meaning fewer stress-related injuries. We believe that improving the immediate lives of our users is as important as the wider environmental benefits.

The advantages of battery technology aren’t restricted to the environment and user health though. In terms of economics, battery equipment puts petrol power to shame too. Over a 5-year operating period, using EGO products can deliver in excess of a 40% cost saving over petrol power.

Cost-effectiveness is just one of four topics covered in our whitepaper.