The road ahead

The automotive industry is quite a long way down the road to change, but there is still quite a long way to go. There have been many changes for the good, such as how Volvo, the Swedish car manufacturer, has pledged to only launch all-electric or hybrid cars from this year. We expect others to follow suit, but we’re hoping that the speed in which others adopt these practises is ramped up to help us achieve net-zero quicker.

Starting in 2035, every newly released car must be completely CO2 emission-free, helping work towards the goal of carbon neutrality in the transportation sector by 2050. This initiative does not affect existing cars, so not all cars on the road will have to be carbon neutral – however, existing cars will be affected by The European Commission’s commitment to banning all petrol cars from city centres by 2050.

At EGO, we are not happy at the prospect of city centres where petrol powered lawn mowers are legally allowed to push out toxic emissions and unacceptable noise levels alongside fleets of quieter electric cars, it’s a level of irony that is not only counter intuitive but dangerous to the environment.

We all have to work together and act now, which is why our call for change is aimed at getting everyone behind the vision of Challenge 2025 – to work towards a future that is cleaner, quieter and safer.