The Case For Battery-Powered Equipment Whitepaper

In a recent survey of people using grounds maintenance equipment, 84% said that everyone should do their bit to reduce pollution, with 60% saying that a switch to electric power tools would be helpful. We also asked professionals what qualities they most looked for in equipment. The top three were performance (44%), power (43%) and value for money (36%).

Yet even though battery-powered equipment delivers exceptional performance, power, and value (as we’ll demonstrate), and also eradicates pollution at the source, petrol remains the ‘go-to’ fuel of choice for professionals. This is despite some staggering statistics, including the fact that a petrol brush cutter emits 11x more CO2 than a Ford Fiesta.

A switch from petrol to battery power can enable users to have the same, and in some cases improved performance, power and value for money. From what we know working closely with the professional sector, however, making that switch isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. It’s clear that for commercial users, some doubts about battery power remain.

In our whitepaper, we deliver The Case For Battery-Powered Equipment by showing:

  • Why battery-powered equipment is not just inevitable for professional users, but also beneficial.
  • How battery power not only matches but can exceed its petrol equivalents.
  • The health and safety benefits for switching from harmful petrol tools.
  • The financial case for switching to battery power.
  • The time to invest in battery-powered equipment is now!

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