Cities must become carbon neutral by 2030

According to Euronews, the EU has a goal –  to make one hundred cities carbon neutral by 2030 as part of its Horizon Europe program that’s being launched next year.

Data also revealed that cities cover around 3% of Earth, producing approximately 72% of global greenhouse emissions. Figures like these are seriously alarming and it’s the exact reason as to why the transformation process towards climate neutrality is key.

The project aims to transform the process of climate neutrality by supporting, promoting and showcasing the process to one hundred cities in Europe.

While the project requires new, efficient and user-friendly technologies and services, each solution needs integrated approaches across research, development and technology.

Valladolid is the first city to experiment with innovations and lead by example to encourage other cities to implement the same process.

The city has applied several changes, like making buildings more energy efficient, creating sustainable mobility and incorporated information and communication technologies.

As it stands, there are currently 63 charging points around the city, 45 electric delivery fleets, two electric buses and three additional vehicles incorporated by the city council.

The municipality of Palencia has already replaced 57% of its street lighting with LED technology to improve the cleanliness of energy – another project aim to improve sustainability and resilience across other cities.

At EGO, seeing other European cities make conscious decisions towards climate change and to improve sustainability is fantastic. We produce battery-powered outdoor garden equipment because it’s a cleaner, safer and healthier alternative to petrol and our environment.

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