Renewable energy is essential for our future

It’s no secret that energy is an essential requirement for modern living. Without it, we couldn’t produce goods, deliver services, heat our homes or drive our cars. But while energy is key to supporting a country’s activities and underpinning GDP, it isn’t currently sustainable.

There’s a clear link between a country’s GDP – Gross Domestic Product – is its energy consumption. Developed countries such as Italy, France, Germany or the United States, for example, have higher GDPs and, therefore, their energy requirements are far greater than less developed countries. For example, in 2008, the US alone used 20% of the earth’s energy, while India used only 4%, despite being comparably large and populated.

So, without energy, it would be impossible for a developed country – and economy – to survive in its current state. After all, it’s a fundamental requirement not only for the food we eat, but the clothes we wear, our household appliances, road transport, technology and more.

But to make this way of life sustainable, we need to reduce our impact on the environment by looking to renewable energy sources to provide the energy we all need.

As this article points out, achieving this must start at the top. Governments must regulate the use of resources and commit themselves to exploiting less exhaustible sources such as fossil fuels to focus on renewable sources of energy. This approach will see more countries can benefit from sustainable energy, and living conditions can be improved through reduced dependence – especially economically – on fuels, resulting in reduced toxic air pollution.

At EGO, our goal is to persuade the outdoor power equipment market from professional landscapers to councils and domestic users to make positive, greener decisions to help protect nature and our planet. That’s why we produce battery-powered outdoor equipment with ground-breaking technology as a viable zero-emission alternative to petrol.

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