Air pollution levels outside schools are becoming a concern

As children head back to school, parents and charities are calling on local authorities to improve air quality around schools, according to a recent article. It is thought that, by reducing pollution by 50% in these areas, the rate of poor lung function amongst children could be halved.

Other health conditions, including asthma, could also be reduced with cleaner air in towns and cities – something which was evidenced during the nationwide lockdown, with asthma attacks amongst some children all but disappearing.

Chris Large, co-CEO at Global Action Plan who carried out the analysis, suggests that “protecting today’s generation of school children against the toxins carried by air pollution is imperative to preventing damage to children’s daily health” and says “local authorities must take advantage of free tools such as the Clean Air for Schools Framework as air pollution impacts the daily lives of so many children.”

At EGO, we know that it’s not only cars which are responsible for causing pollution around schools. Outdoor power equipment, which is designed to maintain outdoor spaces, parks and playing fields, actually contributes significantly to air pollution in these areas. This is a result of their petrol mowers which aren’t required to meet the same standards as vehicles, enabling them to generate toxic fumes and contribute to increased levels of pollution.

By investing in green technologies, such as battery-powered equipment, local authorities can reduce their environmental impact and play their part in creating cleaner, quieter and safer environments for all.

Read our Challenge 2025 Manifesto here and discover how you can play your part in reducing emissions.




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