Rewards offered to those who cut emissions

A town in Finland is giving locals the opportunity to bag themselves free cake and transport tickets every time they cut their carbon emissions.

Situated just 100 kilometres north of Helsinki, the town Lahti decided to develop an app to help residents living in the city track and primarily reduce, their CO2 emissions.

Whether residents travel by car, public transport, bike or on foot, they can simply download CitiCAP to monitor their current CO2 emissions. And the lower the figure, the greater chance they have at receiving various rewards.

When a low CO2 figure is reached, participants are given virtual money and are therefore entitled to use the credit on either bus tickets, swimming pool access or a slice of cake.

If emissions are extremely low, participants can earn up to two euros per week, according to project research manager, Ville Uusitalo.

Over the course of ten years, the town, which is the EU’s 2021 Green Capital, aims to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

To read the full article from euronews, click here.

At EGO, we are driven by reducing emissions and the development of apps like CitiCAP will massively help people to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only that, the more people that take part in schemes like this, the greater chance we have at becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Here at EGO we would never complain at receiving free cake! Although we can’t offer this, we are  already onboard with supporting the climate crisis by encouraging outdoor garden equipment users to choose battery power. We have a full range of equipment to choose from to support every user and garden activity. Explore our range here.

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