Be part of the battery revolution – watch the video here

Climate change is happening, and people are worried about the future.

Petrol is killing our planet. It’s used in millions of cars and millions of outdoor power tools too.

Even mowing the lawn with petrol engines is polluting our atmosphere!

And the fumes we breathe every day have a huge effect on our health.

But it isn’t just the fumes that damage our environment, so much petrol and oil is spilt onto gardens.

Isn’t it time to change how we do things?

The technology is already here, batteries can power cars for hundreds of miles – they can power garden tools just as well if not better than petrol ones and they have none of the bad things, none of the fumes, none of the noise and none of the irreversible damage.

Join EGO in our fight against petrol.

Challenge 2025 is EGO’s call to actions to reduce the use of outdoor petrol power equipment.

Be part of the battery revolution today and be part of a cleaner, quieter, safer future.

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