Improving air quality means reducing petrol as well as diesel

Many current air pollution policies are focussed on reducing diesel emissions, due to the proven impact of particulates on public health.

Yet a recent article in Air Quality News reminds us that petrol emissions are just as harmful in the long run as diesel. The article considers the links between climate change and air quality.

Dominic Hogg, chairman of environmental consultancy Eunomia, points out that the short-term focus on cutting nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions from diesel vehicles leaves petrol largely unaffected.

Hogg said: “it’s pretty clear we will have to phase out both petrol and diesel vehicles.

“There is a lot of talk in the clean air debate about banning diesel in city centres, but you will have to ensure the demise of them both at some stage, either through bans, or developing incentives for people not to use them.”

He adds that, by reducing the CO2 emissions caused by petrol, “we will massively improve air quality, and be well within legal requirements on air pollution.”

You can read more about this issue in Air Quality News.

CO2 emissions aren’t limited to vehicles. Petrol powered gardening equipment is often more polluting than the cars we drive today. Thankfully there are now alternatives from brands such as EGO who only manufacture battery powered outdoor power equipment so you can make an immediate difference by switching from a petrol-powered outdoor power equipment to a battery alternative.

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