Urgent environmental changes are required to support climate change

As it currently stands, SOER 2020 is the most comprehensive environmental assessment to have taken place in Europe, outlining the current sustainable objectives to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

From looking at the report, greenhouse gases are already making good progress and signs are also evident in other sectors such as air pollution and water pollution.

However, despite seeing a positive change, Europe will struggle to achieve a sustainable target if it continues to promote economic growth.

The SOER 2020 report also suggests that European leaders will need to take additional measures to help them get back on track with the current environmental policy goals.

At EGO, our goal is to persuade the outdoor power equipment market from professional landscapers to councils and domestic users to make positive, greener decisions to help protect nature and our planet. That’s why we produce battery-powered outdoor equipment with ground-breaking technology as a viable zero-emission alternative to petrol.

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