Sustainable plans in place to help create a better life for people, wildlife and the environment

Recently, the Environment Agency announced their priorities for 2020-2025 in order to help create better places for people, wildlife and the environment.

As population figures grow and the demand for more energy, land and water rise, the impact that it’s having on wildlife and the environment is concerning and it’s crucial that action is taken over the next five years.

While climate emergency is already on the agenda for the Environmental Agency, they are always thinking of new ways to help society adapt and conquer environmental challenges.

As air pollution continues to damage the earth’s atmosphere, land and water, the Environmental Agency are working together with businesses across the globe to help create a better place and a prosperous future.

In order to make positive changes, bold and transformative actions need to be made to protect the environment. With three long term goals in place, including: a nation resilient to climate change; healthy air, land and water; and green growth and a sustainable future. They will each help drive positive changes for sustainable development.

To achieve the proposed goals, behavioural and lifestyle changes will need to be made to help individuals think differently.

At EGO, creating a greener outdoor space for both domestic and professional garden users is imperative to us, that’s why we provide battery-powered equipment to protect our health and our planet.

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