If schools make changes to their indoor and outdoor surroundings, air pollution levels could drop

According to Air Quality News, if tangible changes are made at schools, air pollution could significantly reduce.

A few weeks ago, the University of Surrey revealed a new guidance booklet, indicating a range of new steps that schools can take to tackle air pollution in and around the building.

As children are exposed to high levels of pollution while at school, it’s likely that they will suffer from short and long-term health conditions including asthma, lung problems and bronchitis.

With the updated list of recommendations including the planting of green barriers and hedges between the school premises and close by car parks and roads, air pollution levels will drop.

This can also be enhanced by incorporating clean air zones and continuous pick-up and drop-off zones outside schools.

With poor concentration and behavioural issues linked to air pollution, it’s essential that indoor classroom air is clean and clear from air pollution.

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