Denmark wants to ban diesel and petrol cars

In a bid to tackle climate change, Denmark has called for an EU-wide ban on diesel and petrol cars by 2040, Euronews reports.

Currently, the EU plans to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, further reducing them to zero by 2050. During Denmark’s announcement, Danish Climate and Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen said his government’s proposal will put pressure on the European Commission to propose a phasing out of fossil fuel-powered vehicles over the next two decades.

Denmark’s proposal already has the backing of 10 other European Union countries, but while the idea is gaining traction, it has raised questions around potentially negative impacts.

For instance, countries including Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia have suggested more must be done to stop second-hand cars being sold from western Europe to the eastern region. It is thought that “carbon leakage” would see the problem of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles being shifted across to other countries, rather than tackling the problem itself.

To create a positive long-term future, Denmark will set-up an alliance with the member states which support its proposal and communicate policy directions with carmakers.

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