Challenge 2025 Launch Climate Change Education Pack

EGO and Challenge 2025 have officially launched an education pack to help Key Stage 2 teachers uncover the hidden dangers of petrol power in green spaces with their students, while offering the opportunity for schools to win £2,500 of EGO tools.

Rising carbon emissions and increased pollution represent a substantial risk to children’s health, making these climate change teaching resources an important tool in educating the future generations on the dangers of petrol power tools.

What is in the Education Pack?

The Challenge 2025 teaching pack contains lessons featuring tasks that have been created to help children understand air pollution, its dangers and causes. Each lesson has been carefully created around the KS2 National Curriculum encompassing Science, English and even Art. Not only do they educate children on emissions, noise pollution and clean air, the lessons encourage creative thinking and problem solving to inspire children on what we can do to create cleaner environments while eliminating the fictional villain, Smoggy!

The Education Pack features lesson plans, interactive learning slides and activity sheets as they learn more about emissions and do everything they can to eliminate Smoggy. Once completed, pupils can also enter a competition by creating their “clean air superhero” with the opportunity to win their school £2,500 worth of EGO Power Tools to upgrade its outdoor maintenance equipment.

The winning design will also become a real character that will be featured in future EGO and Challenge 2025 educational resources.

Why is this Education Pack Important?

It’s vital that we’re all aware of the importance of protecting the environment, with children being the most vulnerable to poor air quality. By teaching children important lessons from a young age, we can equip the next generation with the skills required to have a genuine impact.

Schools have been long part of the UK’s green policy, however high-emissions tools, including lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, are still commonly used to maintain school grounds. Recent research published by Challenge 2025 in The Report found that the UK’s most popular leaf blower produces more harmful emissions than the average car, posing a genuine danger to people’s health.

While schools are making incredible progress by introducing green measures such as no idling zones, there’s more to be done to ensure the green spaces are maintained by equipment that doesn’t harm children.

By utilising the climate change teaching resources from Challenge 2025, teachers will be able to help children learn important lessons around pollution – and put their school in with a chance of upgrading to sustainable outdoor power equipment, leaving petrol in the past.

Most of all, we want to inspire children to help build a cleaner, quieter and safer future.

To get the Education Pack to defat Smoggy, head to our Climate Change Teaching Resources page.

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