Air pollution still low despite relaxed lockdown restrictions

Air pollution across the UK still remains low despite lockdown restrictions slowly lifting. According to the data reported in the Guardian, more than 100 urban roadside locations show that nitrogen dioxide pollution levels were 30% below normal at the end of June.

With the figures still low, scientists believe that the current reduction in air pollution is in fact due to reduce congestion on the roads helping to remove dirty air.

Nitrogen dioxide is mainly emitted by diesel vehicles and is it responsible for approximately 23,500 deaths a year. But since the recent lockdown, NO2 levels have fallen by 56%, bringing them down to  levels last recorded in 1955.

Although these figures could change, particularly when traffic starts becoming congested and, it’s important we continue to encourage individuals to only use their vehicles when necessary to reduce traffic.

The Guardian also suggested that if traffic is reduced by 10-20% and congestion is less frequent, it may have a disproportionate effect on emissions.

To read the full article, click here.

At EGO, it is already our mission to make greener choices by choosing battery over petrol. With more people then ever focusing on their gardens during lockdown, it is increasingly important for us to show there is a viable battery alternative to petrol-powered gardening tools as a result of reducing air pollution.

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