Air pollution is costing billions for European city residents

Air pollution is costing European cities €1,276 each, per year, according to recent studies conducted for the European Public Health Alliance.

As reported in EuroNews, €166 billion is being spent across 30 different European countries as they tackle health risks related to air pollution including; premature deaths, medical treatment, and sick days.

As it stands, Bucharest, Romania is top of the list, spending €6.3 billion annually with five Italian cities including Milan, Padua, Venice, Brescia, and Turin also making the top ten due to high levels of pollution and high spending costs.

London however, had the highest total damage caused by air pollution, setting the resident spending to €11.4 billion per year.

Those who live in bigger, more expensive cities face higher pollution costs due to population density, higher earnings, and expenses.

Transport is the biggest factor of urban air pollution at the minute and Marshang, the European Public Health Alliance is implementing small changes to achieve better results.

If cities were to switch to zero-emission urban mobility, air pollution and carbon emissions will significantly drop. The report also suggested that Governments and the European Union should bare in mind the costs for transport to also support a healthy recovery post lockdown.

The European Environment Agency predicts that there are currently 400,000 premature deaths each year in Europe and that simply comes down to air pollution.

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