Switching to hydrogen energy could lead to a cleaner and greener future

While the EU continues to fight against climate change, a press conference in Brussels revealed a strategy in hope for a greener and cleaner future.

With conversation surrounding an increased use of hydrogen across various industries, including energy, the new plans are set to enforce the European Green Deal’s commitment to achieve a net-zero carbon target by 2050.

As it stands, the energy sector currently accounts for 75 per cent of greenhouse gases across the EU which is why it’s imperative that energy efficient alternatives are introduced.

Moving towards hydrogen energy will mean that there is no possibility of it ever running out. It can also be used in places where nuclear energy or natural gas cannot be used.

The clean alternative is also much safer for human health as it requires far less energy, with no additional fumes transmitted into the atmosphere.

Planned to take affect in three stages over the next 30 years, the aim is to reach up to 1 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2024.

During stage two it is expected that up to 10 million tonnes of the gas will be produced which can then be used to power steel production, factories and transport.

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A renewable alternative for energy will help the environment massively as it’ll mean that almost all industries will have a cleaner, and greener solution. Not only that, it will also mean that we are one step closer to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. EGO is already onboard with supporting the climate crisis, that’s why we created battery-powered outdoor garden equipment as an alternative to petrol. We have a full range of equipment to choose from to support every user and garden activity. Take a look here.

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