Noise pollution is the second biggest cause of health in Western Europe.

Noise pollution is a serious concern in Europe, and it doesn’t just impact the well-being of humans, but also the health of wildlife on land and in the sea.

According to the European Environment Agency, The World Health Organisation (WHO) distinguished traffic noise, including road, rail and air traffic as the second highest cause of bad health in Western Europe.

Being exposed to noise pollution for a long period of time can lead to negative cardiovascular and metabolic problems and can also reduce a child’s cognitive performance and eventually lead to severe annoyance and sleep deprivation.

Noise pollution has also been associated with 12,000 premature deaths and the triggering of 48,000 new cases of ischemic heart disease, according to WHO. Not only that, it is also estimated that 22 million people currently suffer with chronic high annoyance while a further 6.5 million also suffer from chronic sleep disturbance.

Levels of noise pollution have been regulated in the EU for several years and the maximum noise limits for road vehicles, household appliances and outdoor equipment go back to the 1970s.

At EGO, we fully understand the impacts of noise pollution and how much it affects our health. It’s one of many reasons why we are battery only. Our goal is to empower users to move away from petrol with no sacrifice to the performance or power of their tools but all of the benefits of using a cleaner energy source.

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