EU Law Commits to Cutting Greenhouse Gases by 55% by 2030

The European Union has taken the landmark step of enshrining in law a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

As reported in The Independent, the new targets mean all EU states must reduce its emissions by 55% of where they were in 1990 and cutting them to zero by 2050.

The European Commission said that changes in land use and increases in forestry across Europe during the next ten years will help to create carbon sinks that will help emissions fall by up to 57%.

Every EU country, except Bulgaria who abstained from the vote, approved the deal.

This is historic action is part of the EU’s intention to put climate at the forefront of all EU policy, a move to curb the potentially devastating impact of climate change. The EU policy overhaul will begin on 14th July, when it will try to reform multiple sectors. New regulations include an overhaul of the EU carbon market, stricter CO2 standards for new cars and the creation of an independent climate policy advisory body.

What the new law doesn’t do is set out compulsory targets for individual countries, but instead apply to the EU, which means some country may need to contribute more than others.

Compared to the UK, the EU’s targets are slightly less ambitious in terms of emissions reductions. The UK government has pledged to cut greenhouse emissions by 78% by 2035 when compared to 1990. However, the short-term target of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030 gives the EU five years to take more action.

Swedish politician Jytte Guteland, who drafted and delivered the law in the European Parliament said: “I am proud that we finally have a climate law. We confirmed a net emissions reductions target of at least 55 per cent, closer to 57 per cent by 2030 according to our agreement with the Commission.

It’s time for more laws to cut carbon emissions

The move by the EU to enshrine in law actions to fight climate change is a step in the right direction for the member states. We now hope that this motivates not only countries part of the EU, but those around it and throughout the world, to take the required steps to stop a global catastrophe.

However, more actions are required if we’re to truly cut down carbon emissions across Europe. This includes challenging the use of petrol tools that continue to harm our atmosphere, especially petrol power tools in the outdoor power equipment market.

That is why EGO launched Challenge 2025, a campaign to highlight the dangers of the continued use of petrol power tools. As long as we’re using petrol to look after our gardens and public green spaces, harmful emissions, noise pollution and health issues will continue to impact us all. The battery technology already exists, so there’s no excuse not to leave petrol behind.

To highlight these dangers, we published The Report, which found that 4x more nitrous oxide is produced by a petrol leaf blower than a Ford Fiesta.

Discover more about our work by downloading The Report here:

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