EGO Gains AGZA Field Test Certification in California

EGO has become the first ever outdoor power equipment company to earn American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) Field Test Certification (AFTC) in both the Residential and Commercial Battery powered segments.

The EGO 56 Volt Power + and the EGO 56 Volt Commercial Series assortments both attained this stringent certification.

EGO has been on the radar of AGZA for at least five years. The tool line is popular with many California communities taking part in Air District gas-for-electric exchange programs. With exceptional purchaser reviews and top ratings from Consumer Reports, these tools became the go-to across the state.

The certification has proven to be a popular choice for Commercial Certified Service professionals nationwide.

“This testing by AGZA has taken over four years, placing EGO tools and batteries in torturous maintenance settings that involve extreme temperatures, battery abuse, and robust use with our most unforgiving high volume gardening crews in Southern California where maintenance never takes a break due to the mild weather,” said Jeff Keenan, AGZA’s field testing coordinator.

Only a handful of manufacturers have reached this level of certification, as AGZA ensures consumers can trust their findings and only recommend companies that pass these rigorous tests.

Supporting the transition from petrol power tools

The American Green Zone Alliance has been a global leader in zero-emission sustainable ground maintenance strategies. The group advocates for and supports the transition from petrol to electric operations in public buildings and across entire cities.

EGO will soon be used in a commercial capacity in AGZA’s first Green Zone Certified School District in Antelope Valley, CA. The district comprises fifteen campuses covering over one hundred and twenty acres of serviceable property. AGZA’s ground-breaking certification programs create and verify AGZA Green Zones and educate and certify AGZA Service Professionals.

As part of joining other AFTC tools platforms, EGO has committed to supporting AGZA Green Zone education and certification programs for sustainable ground maintenance. EGO has a mission to create a greener, safer future through making better tools for professionals and consumers. This new partnership allows both EGO and AGZA to transition communities to lower noise and cleaner air.

“AGZA cannot stress enough that our value and credibility depend on our voice remaining absolutely independent.

“We test and vet tools from manufacturers who recognize the value of our field certification, then provide this information to professional crews in commercial, municipal, and academic settings. We insist on the most candid feedback from operators — both positive and negative.

“That’s our only guide in determining which brands and tools are truly viable to replace gas machines in large-scale electric operations.”

California remains a state that is leading from the front on environmental issues. In October 2021, a new law was put in place that ordered regulators to ban the sale of small off-road engines by July 2022. By January 2024, regulators are expected to offer rebates and lower the cost of switching to greener equipment – essentially ordering a ban on petrol-powered equipment by 2024.

While California is taking the lead in encouraging consumers and professionals to make the switch through AGZA, there isn’t a similar group doing the same across Europe. For real change in improving the air quality in all cities across the world, zero-emission sustainable ground maintenance strategies need to be implemented. Whether it’s an independent group like AGZA or a government-backed initiative, the time is now to follow suit and encourage the switch to battery-powered tools in our gardens and public spaces.

Continuing the message

EGO launched Challenge 2025 to educate professionals and consumers alike about the dangers of petrol power equipment. This new partnership continues this mission to promote battery technology as a genuine alternative that is safe not only for users but for everyone around them.

In the UK, 89% of local councils still use petrol equipment as part of their inventory of garden equipment to maintain our parks and other public spaces. This is dangerous to our health as these tools continue to pollute our towns and cities, even in those places with clean air zones in force. More must be done to ensure we leave petrol where it belongs, in the past.

Find out more about the dangers of petrol power tools by downloading The Report today and make the switch.

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