Challenge 2025: Daily Express Full Statement

Below is the full statement provided to the Daily Express for the article:

Without looking at all contributors to air and noise pollution, you can only solve part of the problem. Rightly, there is a focus from government on reducing emissions from our cars and homes however seemingly little to no thought is given to the damage being caused by other means, like garden power tools.

Last year, EGO via Challenge 2025 published a report which compiled attitudes towards petrol-powered garden tools and found that less than 30% believe that they have a significant impact on the environment. As part of this report, we arranged for an internationally recognised emissions testing facility to test some of the industry’s most popular petrol-powered tools and found a petrol leaf blower not only emitted eleven times more carbon monoxide than a Ford Fiesta, it also required 50% of the car’s fuel tank capacity.  This clearly demonstrates why much more is needed to educate users on the harm they are doing to the environment but also potentially their own health.

The outdoor power equipment market is not regulated in the same way that vehicles are tested for emissions and because very little is reported about the problem, awareness of the harm they are doing is low. These tools are proven to use significant levels of petrol compared to the average car and in some cases even exceed permitted automotive levels of particulates — unbelievable when you think about the effort we’ve made introducing clean air zones into our urban areas! There really is a horrible irony that the tools built to maintain our green spaces are actually harming them.

Our research found that 89% of tools used by UK councils are petrol powered, using over ½ million litres of fuel every year. We want to see tighter legislation on two stroke engines and greater adoption of battery powered alternatives. Battery technology has evolved massively in the last 10 years, addressing both charging times and capacity, and now, there are no excuses to continue using petrol as our primary source of power.

Our vision is that by the end of 2025, battery technology becomes the principal power source for cordless outdoor power equipment, for domestic and professional users alike, leading to significant reductions in emissions and noise, while increasing safety and user comfort.

Emma Gayler, Challenge 2025 ambassador and marketing manager at EGO.

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