Cleaner, quieter, safer.

At EGO, we have seen the future.

At EGO, we have seen the future.

Challenge 2025 is our call to arms to educate and empower change in both domestic and professional outdoor power equipment users to make battery the principal power source and leave petrol where it belongs, in the past.

We believe that it makes no sense for tools that are designed to improve our environment to be at the same time producing noxious emissions and noise pollution that damage the very environment they are trying to enhance.

The time has come to take up the challenge and insist on change.

The good news is the battery technology to match the power of petrol already exists today!

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It's International Volunteer Day, a day to celebrate those who volunteer!

We're celebrating by having a throwback to our support of @Machinery_Nation's EGO SOS. 

In the video, we supported two lovely families to get back on top of their overgrown gardens with the use of our battery-powered gardening tools, proving that you can help people and support the environment at the same time.

Watch the video 👆

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Today is Santa's List Day, which celebrates the day that he puts together his list of naughty and nice children.

Presuming that you have been good this year, we have an important question. Which battery-powered tool would you love to see under the tree this Christmas?

Let us know in the comments below 👇

#SantasListDay #ChristmasList #Gardening #GardeningTools #BatteryPoweredTools
Make a positive impact today for World Pollution Prevention Day.

One step you can take to help is to switch from petrol-powered to battery-powered gardening tools.

Not only are battery-powered tools 3x quieter, but they use produce significantly less air pollution, preventing two forms of pollution at once.

Learn more via the #linkinbio.

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Yesterday saw the start of COP 28, the 28th annual United Nations climate meeting run to discuss how to limit and prepare for future climate change.

To celebrate, we're asking a simple question. What does climate change mean to you?

Leave an answer in the comments below 👇

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Have you ever had to put up with noisy gardening tools?

Whether you're trying to work or you're out with the family, we know that noise can be a huge distraction.

This lady has, whilst bowling, and says that she feels like there is nothing you can do about it. And, more importantly, she feels like these gardening tools ruin her experience.

That's why we're launching our Noisy Neighbours campaign, which aims to raise awareness of battery-powered gardening tools as a great alternative to petrol-powered ones, offering the same level of performance but producing up to three times less noise. So, if you want to enjoy your garden without disturbing your neighbours, make the right decision and switch to battery power.

Let us know if you have experienced anything similar in the comments 👇

#NoisyNeighbours #Gardening #GardeningTools #PetrolPower #NoiseExposure
Are you looking for a way to teach your children about air pollution? You're in luck.

Designed in line with Key Stage 2 Art, English and Science curriculums, our Education Pack will explain everything your kids need to know about emissions and climate change, whilst also supporting their wider development.

The pack includes lesson plans, interactive slides and activity sheets, giving the next generation the inspiration to live a cleaner, quieter and safer future.

Download the pack via the #linkinbio.

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Did you know that today is Universal Children's Day?

It's a day to celebrate the future generation and work towards providing them with a better future.

One way you can do this is by switching to battery-powered gardening tools, helping fight climate change.

Make the right decision for the future generation. Learn more via the LinkInBio.

#UniversalChildrensDay #FutureGeneration #ClimateChange #BatteryPower #Challenge2025
Is there a better day on the calendar to enjoy nature than #NationalTakeAHikeDay? 🌿

There are so many wonderful sounds to hear like the birds singing, the bees flying or the serenity of nature.

However, your experience could be easily ruined by an extremely loud leaf blower, lawn mower or strimmer.

By switching to battery-powered gardening tools, you could help maintain the country's beauty without causing a noisy nuisance with some petrol-powered tools being three times as loud as their battery-powered alternatives.

Take a look at the difference in the graphs ☝️

#Noise ##TakeAHike #BatteryPower #Hiking #Challenge2025
World COPD Day is an annual initiative by @gold_copd to raise awareness of COPD worldwide.

This year's theme is "Breathing is Life - Act Earlier", and we couldn't agree more.

Because some petrol-powered gardening tools produce more emissions than cars, these tools are directly causing breathing issues like Asthma and COPD, and this shouldn't be the case when there are low-emission alternatives.

We need you to act earlier and switch to battery-powered gardening tools.

#WorldCOPDDay #COPD #ActEarlier #BreathingIsLife #Batterypower
It's World Kindness Day. A day to give back, foster a culture of compassion and ultimately, be kind to others.

On a day like this, we want people to think of the impact of their petrol-powered tools. Although these may have some benefit to the user like not having to purchase a new tool, we want people to think about being kind to each other and what that means.

This could be the dangerous levels of noise it creates for neighbours or even the emissions it produces. Not only this, we want people to be kind to themselves, with petrol-powered tools having a huge impact on the health of the user too, affecting their lungs, wrists and ears.

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Make the switch to battery power.

#WorldKindnessDay #BeKind #PetrolPower #BatteryPower #Gardening
Our Emissions Calculator is a great place to start if you want to make a change.

It's a simple-to-use emissions calculator, measuring the amount that your tools produce.

All you need to do is enter the tools you use the most, and the frequency of use. We will then let you know your carbon footprint and offer suggestions on how to improve it.

Make a change today by clicking the #linkinbio.

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Did you hear the news? We're now a Grove-level partner with @EdenProjects. 📰

Thanks to the support of @EgoPowerPlusEU customers, we have planted enough trees to reach the next level, a really proud moment for us.

If you want to support the project, for every purchase of an EGO tool or an extended warranty, we plant a tree with @EdenProjects. 

Make the right choice and make the switch to battery power.

#PlantATree #Grove #BatteryPower #Gardening #GardeningTools
How are petrol-powered tools affecting our environment?

The statistics make for concerning reading, and we've compiled them all into The Report - a compilation of data and research that takes a look at the people involved in the garden power tool category, both domestic and trade users, plus local authorities to understand the current landscape.

Download your copy by clicking the link in our bio, and discover why we should be making the switch to battery power.

#Challenge2025 #Emissions #Pollution #ClimateChange #ClimateChallenge #ClimateCrisis #AirPollution
Are you a frequent user of petrol-powered tools? You might be surprised to find out the emission levels they are giving out, even if only used for a short time.

Head to our website and try our Emissions Calculator. The only figures you need to know are the number of tools you use, and how long for, and our calculator will work out what you could be saving by switching to battery power. Just click the link in our bio.

#Challenge2025 #Emissions #Pollution #ClimateChange #ClimateChallenge #ClimateCrisis #AirPollution
It was once true that battery power just couldn't compete with petrol power, and this is partly why it's been tricky to persuade people to make the swap.

However, thanks to technological advancements, battery power is a viable alternative to petrol, and the @egopowerpluseu range is available to fill that gap.

Why not head over to their Insta to see the full range?

#Challenge2025 #Emissions #Pollution #ClimateChange #ClimateChallenge #ClimateCrisis #AirPollution
Severe weather patterns, melting ice caps and rising temperatures are all signs that are environment is not happy. As worrying as some of the images we see on the news are, it's not too late to make a difference.

Battery-powered tools use fuel in a much cleaner, more efficient way and are therefore much kinder to the environment. As part of The Report - research we commissioned into the negative impact of petrol-power tools - we enlisted one of the UK’s leading emissions testing specialists, Millbrook to take a look at the difference in emission levels between petrol and battery-power tools.

Download your copy of The Report to read the findings. Just click the link in our bio.

#Challenge2025 #Emissions #Pollution #ClimateChange #ClimateChallenge #ClimateCrisis #AirPollution
We are proud to have partnered with @edenprojects, pledging to plant a tree for every @egopowerpluseu power tool sold in Europe, with an additional tree planted for every warranty taken out 🌳

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond education around the benefits of battery power (and the harm of petrol power). We are also committed to helping repair parts of our environment that have already been damaged 💔

#Challenge2025 #Gardening #Landscaping #PetrolPower #Emissions #ZeroEmissions
We are proud to have partnered with @edenprojects, pledging to plant a tree for every @egopowerpluseu power tool sold in Europe, with an additional tree planted for every warranty taken out 🌳

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond education around the benefits of battery power (and the harm of petrol power). We are also committed to helping repair parts of our environment that have already been damaged 💔

#Challenge2025 #Gardening #Landscaping #PetrolPower #Emissions #ZeroEmissions
Helping children make the right future choices should be a priority. That’s why we have designed our Education Pack to help Key Stage 2 pupils learn more about climate change and air pollution.

The pack features lesson plans, interactive slides and activity sheets designed in line with the Art, Science and English curriculums, allowing them to learn more about emissions while contributing to their wider development.

Download your Education Pack via the #linkinbio.

#EducationPack #KS2Art #KS2English #KS2Science #KS2
How much emissions are your petrol-power tools producing? 

We created our Emissions Calculator to give you an idea of what your environmental impact is currently, and what difference switching to battery-powered tools could make. 

All you need to know is which power tools you use, and for how long. Give it a go by clicking the #LinkInBio.

#Challenge2025 #Emissions #Pollution #ClimateChange #ClimateChallenge #ClimateCrisis #AirPollution