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It's World Environment Day, and that can only mean one thing... It's the last day to enter your Clean Air Hero design entries!

If you're looking to make a last-minute entry, please enter before the end of the day!

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We're celebrating the start of #NationalGreatOutdoorsMonth!

Do you have any plans? Barbecue with the family, camping with your mates or a month packed full of gardening?

Let us know what you're up to in the comments. 👇
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Making the switch to battery-powered gardening tools has never been easier.

Without losing any of the quality of your petrol-powered tools, you are able to make a change that reduces air pollution, reduces noise pollution, and reduces vibration levels.

Not only does this make a difference to the environment, but you're also making a direct impact on the health of the user.

Switching to battery power makes a life-changing impact on everyone. It's a no-brainer.

Click the link in the bio to learn more.

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It's the beginning of National Children's Gardening Week. Do you have any activities planned with your children?

Whilst you are at it, have you considered teaching them about the impact of air pollution and what we can do to reduce it?

If you are, you can download our Education Pack by clicking the #linkinbio.

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Did you know there is 11x more Carbon Dioxide emitted through a petrol-powered leaf blower than a Ford Fiesta? 🚗

With that being said, do you know the impact that your tools have on the environment? 

If you don't, it is really important that you know. You can figure this out by using our Emissions Calculator by clicking the link in the bio.

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The @edenprojects has produced, planted, and protected over 977 million trees and we're so happy to have played our part.

For every @egopowerpluseu tool sold in Europe, we plant a tree in partnership with Eden Reforestation and we're happy to be making a difference.

So, by choosing a battery-powered tool you're not only reducing the amount of carbon emitted, you're reducing it by planting a tree.

Make the switch to battery-powered gardening tools today.

#Challenge2025 #Plantatree #PowerReimagined #Carbon #Garden
These results highlight why making the switch to battery-powered tools is so important.

Protect your ears. Protect your community. Protect the environment.

#Noisepollution #Challenge2025 #Community #Environment #BatteryPower
Despite the huge negative impact on the environment, the user, and the community, 89% of tools used by councils in the UK are petrol powered.

We asked the local community what they thought about it...

#Challenge2025 #Birmingham #Community #Batterypower #Emissions
Some petrol-powered tools are 3x noisier than battery-powered alternatives!

What impact does this have on the user? With prolonged exposure to noise, there could be serious health implications for the user with a big risk of partial and full hearing loss.

By switching to battery-powered gardening tools, you can use these for 12.5 hours before reaching harmful exposure limits, whilst you can only use petrol-powered tools for 5 hours.

To learn more, read the blog via the #LinkInBio.

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How satisfying is this? 😍

By switching to battery power, you don’t need to worry about the quality or power of the tools. The only thing you need to worry is about the environmental impact of your petrol-powered tools.

Make the switch today.

📹 @mlgardenmaintenance 

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Today is National Technology Day.

Tag us in a post with the main reason why you prefer battery-powered tools and we'll share our favourites.

#NationalTechnologyDay #Challenge2025 #Batterypower #Powerreimagined
Challenge 2025 is our call to arms to educate and empower both domestic and professional outdoor power equipment users to see the only logical choice when purchasing new gardening equipment, and that is battery power.

It is time to leave petrol, where it belongs, in the past.

#Challenge2025 #PowerReimagined #Emissions #BatteryPower #ZeroEmissions
By planting a tree, you are combating the effects of greenhouse gases as the average tree can store up to 13 pounds of carbon.

That's why @Egopowerpluseu has partnered with the @Edenprojects and pledged to plant a tree for every tool sold in Europe and in addition, each tool that is registered for extended warranty.

Learn more by clicking the #linkinbio

#Challenge2025 #Trees #Plantatree #Batterypower
Battery-powered gardening tools have fewer moving parts than petrol-powered tools. That means there are fewer vibrations produced in battery-powered tools, so you're able to use the tool comfortably for longer.

In addition, the vibrations from petrol-powered can cause numbness and muscle weakness that can lead to conditions, including Vibration White Finger (VWF) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Have you ever experienced any ailments related to the use of petrol-powered gardening tools? Let us know in the comments! 👇

Click the link in bio to read our report.

#Challenge2025 #Batterypower #Emissions #Comfort #Gardening
As professional gardeners, you'll know that if you're using petrol-powered tools, you'll go through a lot of petrol. But, do you know just how much?

As part of our research, we discovered that the average petrol-powered tool user uses enough fuel to drive the equivalent of just under 2,000 miles in a car! This is further than driving from Land's End to John O'Groats - twice! 🚗

To understand your environmental impact, and the steps you can take to reduce them, use our Emissions Calculator via the #LinkInBio.

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Today is World Asthma Day, with this year's theme being "Asthma Care for All".

In the UK, there are over 5.4 million people receiving treatment for asthma, with air pollution caused by petrol-powered gardening tools making a huge impact.

Make the switch to battery power today.

Learn more by clicking the #linkinbio.

#WorldAsthmaDay #Challenge2025 #gardening #emissions #airpollution
It's National Gardening Week! 🪴

Celebrating the King's Coronation @the_rhs's theme focuses on "creating your coronation container" to celebrate King Charles and his love of horticulture.

Join in the celebrations by submitting your colourful container on social media using #nationalgardeningweek, but don't forget to support the battery power revolution and use #Challenge2025.

Tag us and we'll share the best posts throughout the week!

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Last year we interviewed the local community to understand their views on Birmingham's Clean Air Zone.

If you didn't know, Birmingham City Council introduced the Clean Air Zone in the centre of the city last year to improve air quality by discouraging the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone.

Watch our video to discover what the local community thinks about this decision or, to learn how you can improve air quality by switching to battery-powered gardening tools, visit the #linkinbio

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Today is World Day for Safety & Health at Work, so we'd like to highlight the impact of regularly using petrol-powered gardening tools.

Battery-powered tools are a cleaner, quieter, and safer alternative to their petrol-powered counterparts and, by reducing the amount of noise pollution you're emitting, you're creating a nicer environment for wildlife, reduced disruption for the community, and better long-term health for the users.

To discover more, visit the #linkinbio

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Make a difference by making the switch to battery-powered gardening tools. Need a reason why? 

Well, there is actually 4x more NOx emitted by a petrol-powered brush cutter than a Ford Fiesta!

Make the switch today and visit the #LinkInBio to learn more.

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