Schoner, stiller, en veiliger.

Bij EGO richten we de blik op de toekomst

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Last month the UK government rolled back on some of the pledges made in its green agenda. As disappointing as this is, it doesn't mean all hope is lost. 

By continuing to educate power tool users about the benefits of battery power over petrol power, we believe we can still make a difference. 

Click the link in our bio to visit our website and discover how you can get involved. 

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We're absolutely loving @simspongardenservices' new stickers on his trike!

Make sure you check out his YouTube series to learn more about our campaign, @EgoPowerPlusEU and battery-powered tool reviews.

Do you have any Challenge 2025 merch? If so, make sure you share it and tag us on your social channels.

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We had a great time at @Groundsfest meeting lots of new and old faces!

It was brilliant seeing so many people wanting to learn about the benefits of battery-powered tools compared to the impact of petrol-power.

We hope you had a great time and that we have been able to persuade you to join our battery-powered revolution.

#Groundsfest #Gardening #GardeningTools #BatteryPower #Challenge2025
Do you know the emissions that your petrol-powered gardening tools produce?

If not, you should, and we have the perfect tool to allow you to do this - our Emissions Calculator!

Simply enter the information about your tools and your frequency of use, and we'll provide you with your carbon footprint and offer suggestions on how you can improve it.

Use our Emissions Calculator via the #LinkInBio.

#Emissions #EmissionsCalculator #Challenge2025 #CarbonFootprint #BatteryPower
As the kids are now back at school, it's time to talk about our Education Pack. ⏰

The Education Pack provides our children with knowledge about air pollution, its dangers and its causes. In addition, the pack has been designed in line with the KS2 curriculum, helping contribute to their wider development through lesson plans, interactive slides and creative thinking.

Download our Education Pack and help support the next generation.

#Education #EducationPack #KS2 #KeyStage2 #AirPollution
It's National Read a Book Day but if you can't find something you fancy, have you considered reading our Report?

We know it's not a book, but we think it could provide an even greater benefit, detailing the true environmental impact of petrol-powered tools through evidence, insight and expert opinion.

The Report features emissions and fuel economy tests, a survey of domestic and professional power tool users and Freedom of Information allowing us to analyse data from councils across the UK.

Download The Report via the #LinkInBio.

#TheReport #EmissionsTesting #BatteryPower #PetrolPower #GardeningTools
Today marks #InternationalDayOfCharity, in which we're reminiscing about our support of EGO SOS, in partnership with @egopowerpluseu and @machinery_nation. 

In a day, we helped a couple of families with their overgrown gardens using @egopowerpluseu's battery-powered gardening tools, proving that you don't need to compromise on quality when making environmentally conscious decisions.

Watch the entire video via the #LinkInBio.

#Charity #CharitableAct #EGOSOS #Transformation #GardenTransformation
@Groundfest is just around the corner!

Groundsfest combines indoor business and education opportunities, featuring a landscape zone, live demonstrations, educational seminars, free training and a live festival.

As part of the educational seminars, our Challenge 2025 Ambassador, Emma Gayler, will be presenting our findings and activities to date, looking at what is next and most importantly, why you should be leaving petrol power where it belongs... in the past.

Register for free tickets and sign up for Emma's seminar via the #linkinbio.

#Groundsfest #Gardening #OutdoorDemonstrations #Seminar #FreeTraining
The future is battery-powered, and it's going to be a much better place to live.

Offering the power of petrol-powered tools, but a much safer, quieter, and healthier alternative, it's time to leave your petrol-powered tools where they belong - in the past.

Join the battery-powered revolution today.

#Battery #BatteryPower #Gardening #Challenge2025 #EGO
It's a month until Challenge 2025 ambassador, Emma Gayler is hosting a seminar at @GroundsFest 2023.

Emma is going to be focusing on what our campaign is, presenting our findings, along with our activities to date.

In addition, Emma is also going to be looking at what's next for the campaign and importantly, why you need to leave petrol where it belongs, in the past.

Make sure you attend Emma's seminar at Groundsfest on September 21st at 11 am. Register for your free tickets via Groundsfest's website today.

#Groundsfest #Groundsfest2023 #GroundsCare #Challenge2025 #BatteryPower
Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone's mind, and gardening is no different. But, how do you garden sustainably?

The @the_RHS defines one as "the concept of using practices to maintain a garden so that natural resources are not exhausted and without causing ecological damage".

Here are some ways to create a sustainable garden:

🐜 Control garden pests naturally.
🪵 Have a low-maintenance garden.
💦 Conserve Water.
🪴 Think about your compost.
🥦 Grow your own food.

Learn more about how to create a sustainable garden via our website.

#SustainableGarden #Sustainability #RHS #NaturalResources #Gardening
There are more benefits to allotments than you may think...

To celebrate National Allotment Week, here are just some that you can gain from renting an allotment.

👭 Allotments help ameliorate loneliness, creating a community of people that helps like-minded people to share knowledge and help give people a purpose.

🧠 Nurturing plants and contemplating nature can reduce stress and help you feel calmer and more hopeful.

🏋️ Being a plot holder can also bring health benefits, helping increase the amount of physical activity, levels of vitamin D and work-life balance.

As you can see, there is so much to gain, both physically and mentally. Get in touch with your local council today.

#NationalAllotmentWeek #Allotment #Allotments #Challenge2025 #EnvironmentallyFriendly
Playing outside is a fundamental part of childhood, but with the levels of air pollution rising, how long would this be safe for?

A report by Islington Council in 2018 showed substantial levels of pollution in schools, with 3 schools showing nitrogen dioxide levels over the legal limit, set by EU Air Quality Standards.

With symptoms of bronchitis increasing in association with long-term exposure to N02, we need to make a change before it is too late.

Learn how to reduce air pollution via the #linkinbio.

#AirPollution #Islington #Bronchitis #NitrogenDioxide #Pollution
Do you know the impact that petrol-powered tools are making on our parks?

According to our Report, 89% of tools used by UK councils are petrol-powered, using over 600,000 litres of petrol per year but this could be dramatically reduced by switching to battery-powered tools.

The irony is that councils are looking to reduce emissions through Clean Air Zones but with the machinery currently used, they're making a huge contribution to increasing the levels of air pollution, a huge cause to a number of health conditions.

It's time to demand change this #LoveParksWeek.

#LoveParksWeek #BatteryPower #ProtectOurParks #DemandBetter #OutdoorSpaces
We want you to get behind Challenge 2025 by demanding better.

🏡 Demand better from the tools you use in your garden at home.
🏣 Demand better from the groundskeeping teams that maintain the areas near your offices, schools, universities, and leisure activities.
🏞️ Demand better from your local council and the tools they give their workers to manage your local green areas, parks, and playgrounds.

Lend us your voice by sharing, posting, and using the hashtag #Challenge2025.

#Challenge2025 #Parks #Landscaping #BatteryPower #CommercialGardening
What is Challenge 2025?

Let Challenge2025 Ambassador, Emma Gayler, explain...

#Challenge2025 #BatteryPower #AirPollution #NoisePollution
Our Education Pack has been designed to provide ideas and resources to help Key Stage 2 pupils understand air pollution, its dangers, and its causes.

Including lesson plans, interactive slides, and activity sheets, the Education Pack allows pupils to learn about air pollution whilst contributing to their wider development in their Art, Science, and English curriculums.

Download your Education Pack by clicking the link via the bio.

#KS2 #NationalCurriculum #ClimateChange #Teachingideas #EducationPack
This month it's National Picnic Month, a time to make the most of the lovely weather with your family, friends, and loved ones! ☀️

However, a trip to your local park could easily be ruined by the use of petrol-powered tools.

As shown in the graph, petrol-powered tools produce a huge amount of noise pollution, meaning that you're not able to hear people next to you and could even play a part in long-term hearing difficulties.

It's time for people to make the switch to battery power and we need your support on our journey.

#BatteryPower #NationalPicnicMonth #Picnics #Parks #NoisePollution #Noiseexposure